Dear Fellow Classmates:

We have decided to go forward with a 60th reunion.  We are looking at Wednesday, May 15, 2024 as our date.  We feel a Wednesday is a good time to have it as booking is much easier than a weekend and travel is much cheaper during the week.

We are considering a luncheon or dinner and would like to hear your opinions.  Please contact us through this Website or our Facebook page.  

Please feel free to post any photos that you might find when you are cleaning out your home.  Many of us are downsizing and spending lots of time looking through old pictures.  Remember when we printed them all and waited days for them to come back.

Also, if you are seeking out old friends, drop us a note.  We might have them on our list.  We have been getting requests and thanks to Janet Heinel Swenson, we have a wonderful excel spreadsheet with every name on it.  Our Supersluth, or as we call him, Grim, Ted Lesko has been doing super research in finding lost classmates.  Unfortunately, many  are no longer with us.

If you happen to be living in the Abington area or a coming by for a visit, let us know.  Thanks to Jim Isaacs, we have a monthly lunch club that meets usually around the last Wednesday of each month at a local restaurant.  you can contact us through the contact page on this website or look at our facebook account.

We hope you will contact us.  Longtime friends (not old) become very important as well enter the next phase of our lives.

We wish you happiness and good health,


Russ and the gang