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Geoffrey Crowley
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October 25, 1946 Retired-Telecommunications Married 2
The 45th reunion was really great. I am sorry I didn't go to more of the earlier reunions. I got reaquianted with some long time friends and made some new friends. I can't wait until the 50th!!!

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Barbara DePace
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February 18, 1946 Receptionist Divorced 3
I expect to see alot of you at the reunion.
If you have any questions, please call me or email me.  Also if you have any suggestions on how to make this a great reunion please let me know.
Most importantly if you've been in contact with any of our classmates, let them know about our reunion.
I know I'm going to have a good time so put your dancing shoes on and get ready to party.

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Linda Lewin (Donnelly)
June 21, 1946 caregiver Single Again 4
Hi!  Cannot wait to see everyone.  Hope the whole class can attend. We will have so much fun.  Remember the good old oldies and 1961-1964.  What a blast from the past.  See you all soon! Send Linda a MessageSend Linda a Message
Bill Engle
August 18, 1946 Chief Estimator Married 3
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Linda Meckling (Evans)
March 05, 1946 Office Manager Divorced 5
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Lin Stubbs (Ewing)
December 24, 1946 Researcher/Clinical Psychologist Married 3
So happy to have made contact again with Abington High folks.  I have not made it to any previous reunions, and just found out about the 45th, so unlikely I'll be able to attend, but will look forward to being there for our 50th, and would be happy to help plan.
I am on the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh, have a private psychotherapy practice, and am kept wonderfully busy with families of our 3 children, including 7 grandchildren.
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Mary Farrell (Farrell )
Retired Single
Can not believe that 50 years are closing in on us.  During those years I worked hard and I played hard.  Did a lot of traveling and still love the beach.  This summer was my first time to spend 4  months at the Jersey shore.  Loved it.
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Elizabeth Eliasson (Fedasz)
April 02, 1946 Married 2
Hello, I noticed that I was on the Missing list. Here I am. Found !
Gwen Henneforth (Fitch)
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March 05, 1947 Domestic Engineer Married 2
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Richard Fitch
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May 07, 1946 CEO Married 2
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